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Knowji’s vocabulary apps have been featured by Apple in the App Store,
and combine scientifically proven methodologies with entertaining
content to create a thoroughly engaging and effective learning platform.

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Where fun cartoon characters bring words to life.

What Is Knowji?

Knowji is a new approach to learning vocabulary. Knowji’s vocabulary apps combine scientifically proven methodologies with entertaining content to create a thoroughly engaging and effective learning platform. Using a built-in memory coach, Knowji ensures that each word you learn is maintained and stored in your long-term memory. The goal of Knowji is to help you to learn fast and remember everything.

How Does Knowji Work?

Knowji keeps track of your learning progress for each word, and it brings back words you are struggling with more frequently than others. It also uses a spaced repetition algorithm that anticipates when you’re about to forget a word and prompts you to drill again before you’re about to forget it. This ensures long-term memory retention of everything you’ve learned.

We achieve a game-like learning experience using four learning modes. Each mode increases your memory strength as you advance through harder phases of learning without getting bored.

How Does Knowji Compare?

Knowji’s vocabulary apps are simply the best vocabulary apps in the App Store. They are the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn words. No other apps provide an extraordinary set of content (cartoon illustrations, audio pronunciations, easy-to-understand definitions, example sentences, etc.) coupled with a powerful spaced repetition algorithm that ensures you’ll remember everything you’ve learned.

If you’re looking for an app that reaches all types of learners, Knowji has you covered. With pictures, synonyms, sentence examples and more, children will pick up new words quickly.

Monica Burns Apple Distinguished Educator, K12 Teacher, New York

I am finding that I am letting my students out late from class as we are getting so wrapped up in the vocabulary and they don’t want to leave! Some have even started coming in to see me at lunchtime to do follow up lessons! It’s SO awesome to see! I will definitely be using your Knowji apps next year.

Denise Waite Teacher, Florida

Knowji, thank you for bringing this app to us! I'm an English teacher and admire your originality and method of learning. I have three of your apps for myself, and I encourage all my students to buy your SAT app as they are studying for the SATs. It’s great to have a program of learning that’s not only individualized, but makes learning fun!

Mandy Barber English Teacher, San Jose, California

The student that I have been using it with is a student who has difficulty reading. The student is in 4th grade, but reads at a 1st grade level. We used the “Knowji Vocab 3” app to learn words. This has greatly increased his knowledge of words that are appropriate for his grade level. He can give me lots of details and examples of how each of the words is used, mostly due to the great pictures and examples on the app. He also loves seeing his words turn green and showing how many he has learned.

Jessica S. Elementary School Teacher, Alaska

I highly recommend Knowji Vocap apps to all parents and students. My 11 year old daughter learned 500 words in one week and had fun doing it.

Patrick Yang Parent, Palo Alto, California

Thank you so much for creating all these vocabulary apps because they have helped me learn a lot of vocabulary. I am using Knowji Vocab 7 and 8. They are easy to learn and understand with the cartoons and the multiple choice quiz really helps to test my memory. Knowji Vocabulary apps are the best vocabulary building app out there!

Christina L. Student, Hong Kong

I love the pictures and the characters. In one week, I learned 100 words and memorized the definitions verbatim.

Lauren Goodkind Student, Menlo Park, California

Knowji is a must-have for business when working with high-stake clients.

Christopher Lipp Executive Speech Coach and Area Governor of Toastmasters Int'l, Los Gatos, California

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We build the best vocabulary apps in the App Store. Our apps combine scientifically proven methodologies with entertaining content to create a thoroughly engaging and effective learning platform. No other app comes close to what we offer. Our users learn hundreds of words in a month, and have fun doing it. We’ve invested years in development and refinement in an effort to deliver a high quality learning experience. We hope to delight you.

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